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25 Jun 2013

Half of Small Business Owners Fail to Update Online Listings

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Many small business owners are overwhelmed or confused by the basics of online marketing, which may reflect the findings of a recent survey suggesting nearly half of small business owners don’t update their online listings. According to a survey by ConstantContact involving more than 350 SMBs, 49 percent of small business owners admit to never updating their online listings.

Further findings from the same survey indicate 50 percent of small business owners have inaccurate information listed online, while more than 70 percent don’t manage their online listings due to time constrictions. Of the small business owners surveyed, only 23 percent had a concise understanding of the importance of online listings to promote their business.

Although most small business owners understand the value of ranking high on search engines, utilizing local search apps and using directory sites, many continue to fail to keep their information updated to drive new customers. With 85 percent of small businesses comprehending the importance of online marketing, why are only half of the business owners surveyed maintaining their online listings?

In part, it could be to the confusion and misunderstanding small business owners have in regards to search engine marketing Utah . According to the same study, 84 percent of SMBs believe their website can easily be viewed on a mobile device; however, only 25 percent know how to mobile optimize a website. While they understand the importance of mobile marketing, many aren’t utilizing the capability. This is even more concerning as 85 percent of SMBs believe they will be searched for on mobile sites in the future, but continue to lack mobile sites and updated online listings. According to the survey, 62 percent of small business owners feel it’s important for their business to be found on mobile apps, yet their online listings remain outdated.  Contact SEO Companies Salt Lake City to help your company get updated.

The same may be relevant to online listings . After establishing online listings, small business owners may not grasp the significance of regularly updating their listings to reach their customers or may not be aware of how to go about updating their listings. Too many small business owners remain challenged by managing their information online, whether it be due to lack of time or simply not comprehending how to go about it.

Local One, an SEM company in Utah , understands the vital role regularly updated online listings play in marketing a businesses. If you need help updating your listings for search engine marketing in Utah , contact us today to learn more.

22 Jun 2013

New Google+ Local Listing Guidelines

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search engine optimization utah

Google just announced another update to the quality guidelines for their local listings , which now allows individual departments within universities, hospitals, local governments and businesses to have unique presences. If the new Google+ Local listing policy sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the reimplementation of their original policy, which was upended about a year ago. Unlike the former policy, the new Google+ Local guidelines will provide multi department businesses with new opportunities. However, many are concerned with the new Google quality guidelines as they may open the door to more spam and extend the reach of Google’s enforcement.

If the new Google+ Local guidelines aren’t met perfectly, your listing will be rejected for non compliance if Google should happen to find you listed in two places at once. So, how do you comply with these new guidelines? Well, if you’re a physician who practices in several offices, you’re able to create a listing for each location but only for the hours you’re present at each location. If you’re showing in two locations at one time due to the hours you’ve listed at each location, you’ll be flagged by Google for non compliance.

According to the new Google quality guidelines, you can not create more than one listing for each business location–whether you’re using one or more accounts. However, individual practitioners can be listed individually, but only when they are public about their parent organization. The practitioner must be present at the stated hours for the verified location. Also, a practitioner can’t create multiple listings for each of their specializations.

When listing specific departments within universities, businesses, government buildings and hospitals, each department must be distinct while within their parent organization with separate phone numbers and entrances, let the search engine marketing Salt Lake City specialists help.

As part of the new quality guidelines, your business must be represented as it appears offline, which means you can’t include taglines, phone numbers or URLs in the business name field unless they are part of your business’s name. You will be in non compliance with the new Google+ Local guidelines if you try to manipulate the description of your business with keywords.

The guidelines also state your business address must be a physical location, not a P.O. Box or business under construction. You’ll be able to provide one website and phone number that directly connects your individual business location. The categories you select for your business must depict what it is and not your products.

Adhering to these new Google+ quality guidelines is clearly stated by Google as, “Fraudulent or illegal activities aren’t tolerated on Google and may result in account suspension and removal of listing information from search results.” If you’re concerned whether or not your Google+ Local listing coincides with the new Google+ Local guidelines, contact our SEO Company in Salt Lake City today.

18 Jun 2013

How To Turn Prospects Into Customers

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Jeff Bezos, the Founder and CEO of once said, “We look at our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It is our daily mandate to guarantee that their experience is made better than the previous day.” What he meant was that the obligation of every business is to do its level best to attract prospects and convert them into customers. This way, the business not only makes more money, but also loyal customers. There are several ways of turning prospects into customers via your website using Search Engine Marketing Utah

Web Design

Most people tend to judge a book by its cover. If your website is hard to peruse through within the first few minutes, you will sure have a hard time getting customers. As much as the numerous clicks on your website may seem promising, you are only going to have more and more prospects but few customers. The principal key to turning prospects into customers is having a user-friendly Web Design Utah . An easy to peruse homepage and fewer adverts tend to attract the attention of most people. This will trigger the site visitor to want to find out more about the site. Once a visitor is impressed by the site and services offered he or she will most probably buy an item from the site and refer someone else to your business.

Site retargeting

It is not always that a prospect will become a buyer within his or her first interaction with a business online. Experts say that it is only 2% of prospects who become buyers within their first encounter with an online business. The remaining 98% require further convincing. According to a research done by ValueClick Media, ad marketing produces a higher click-through-rate than other retargeting strategies.   Site retargeting , a type of ad retargeting, is a marketing skill whereby known prospects are turned to customers. When these potential buyers visit your site, the pixels place codes in the form of cookies in their browsers. Every time these prospects surf the web, they will be constantly reminded about your site. With time, they will seriously consider visiting the site and actually making a purchase. However, you should be careful while doing this. Only tag necessary pages as unnecessary ads will irritate the potential customer.

Search retargeting

This is slightly different from site retargeting. While you deal with known prospects in site retargeting, you deal with unknown potential customers in search retargeting. Prospects who do not know about your business or any other business use search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing to find businesses selling the products they need or offering the required services. Using the correct and specific Ad Words in optimization will enable you to attract prospects, turn them into customers and keep them.

Social media integration

Social Media Optimization is one of the most popular platforms of wooing prospects, converting them into customers, keeping them and engaging in customer interactions that can help make your business better. Having the social media integrated in your site makes consumer-business interaction much easier and fulfilling.

Local-one is the place to look for a perfect SEO Company Salt Lake City services and an exquisite yet professional website design, which will enable you attract prospects and turn them to loyal customers.

08 Mar 2013

SEO Tips for Higher Search Engine Ranking

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SEO Tips and Tricks SEO is essential to accomplish a higher search engine ranking for increased online visibility. There are many SEO tips and tricks floating around, which may bump you up a few spots on a search engine for a couple of months, but if you don’t utilize the very foundation of SEO, you’ll lose your ranking. Local One, an SEO company in Utah , has compiled a list of the most valuable SEO tips that won’t just provide a higher search engine ranking, but will allow you to maintain that ranking.

1. Remember, Content is King

With the release of Google’s Panda algorithm , quality and informational content is more critical now than ever before for a higher search engine ranking. The content you create needs to be well written, unique, informative, encourage sharing and flow naturally. If your content lacks quality and valuable information that will engage readers, you won’t rank well despite how many SEO tricks you use. See: The Basics of Strong Local SEO Content

2. Pick a Niche and Stick with It

The website or blog you create needs to have a well-defined niche. Yes, you can have generalized websites, but you’ll make the work harder for yourself. By maintaining a well-defined niche, you’ll target a specific audience, promoting reliability. Plus, with a specific niche, you’ll find keywords are easier to use and will perform better.

3. Use Your Keywords Correctly

After you’ve complied a list of well-researched keywords and phrases that are relevant to your niche, you need to use them correctly to produce benefits. Don’t over optimize the content you create as it lowers the content’s quality by causing it to sound unnatural. Also, use keywords within your URLs to make them SEO-friendly. Your URLs need to be as short as possible, while describing where the link is directing. Optimize your media, such as images and videos, because they play a role in SEO as well. And, don’t forget to use your keywords in your Meta descriptions and tags or your optimization efforts are pointless.

4. Link Build

Google’s Penguin algorithm has placed a greater emphasis on the quality and number of links a website has; therefore, you’ll need to link build. Not only do you need to build your internal links, but your external links. Search engine spiders will use these links to help rank your website. Yes, inbound and external link building does take time, but the eventual pay off is well worth it.

5. Get Social with Social Media

Not only do you need to include social media sharing on your website as part of your social media optimization strategy, but you need to utilize social media outlets too. Google is now monitoring social activity when ranking websites. Plus, by interacting on social media sites, you’ll boost your online visibility. Social media is a vast marketing outlet you simply can’t afford not to use as it’s a global marketing tool.

If you want to achieve a higher search engine ranking for longer than a couple of months, these valuable SEO tips will allow you to achieve it. Our reputable SEO company in Utah , Local One, will help you get started on the correct path to increased online visibility.

06 Mar 2013

Boost Your Local SEO Strategies with the Benefits of Blogging

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Local SEO Blogging Strategy

Too many businesses underestimate the benefits of blogging, especially when it comes to local SEO strategies . As so many local businesses still haven’t created blogs, by doing so, you’ll put your business ahead of your competition with blogging as your secret weapon. Since local business often have highly competitive categories, you need to think outside of the traditional SEO box of website optimization , local citations and Google+ Local to jump ahead of your competition. Consistent blogging is the way to do it.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging boosts your local SEO strategies in a number of ways. As your website needs to be updated regularly for a consistent SERP ranking, blogging will achieve this as it provides a regular outlet of fresh content. Search engines will have more content to index your site; thus, increasing your ranking and online visibility.

Blogging is also a great way to build your brand loyalty as you interact with your targeted audience. It provides your local audience a reason to return to your site, other than when they just need your products or services. Plus, it puts a face behind your business, giving your audience the human interaction they desire. The interaction you develop will provide a higher score in the Google Local algorithms , causing your business to appear friendlier and active.

A blog will also allow your business to rank in Blog Search because it provides regular keywords for local searches and Google Local. This offers more exposure and a larger distribution of your promotions.

Your local SEO strategies will benefit on social media sites as well. A blog provides you with informative content to incorporate into your social media marketing campaigns. A blog feeds content onto Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other sites, offering additional opportunities to engage with your audience to build brand loyalty.

As you develop this loyalty, you’re also able to expand your online reputation as you can comment and defend your company against those who may post negatively. Also, your loyal customers can post positive comments and reviews, building your reputation and ranking.

There’s no doubt the benefits of blogging directly and indirectly aid your local SEO strategies . Not only will your local SEO benefit from blogging, but all of your SEO efforts in other areas as well. If you’re interested in establishing a blog for your business and need a creditable company specializing in search engine optimization in Utah , contact Local One . We’re more than happy to assist you.

04 Mar 2013

The Importance of Online Marketing for a Successful Business

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Successful Online Marketing for Business

Too many business owners underestimate the importance of online marketing to maintain a successful business. The internet has become an unstoppable force and continues to grow day after day, leaving you no other option than to utilize online marketing tactics if you want your business to survive. In fact, as of 2007, online marketing became the quickest growing media advertising method. As internet marketing is the most effective form of advertising for numerous industries across the world, you can’t afford not to gain from the benefits of online marketing.

With effective online marketing tactics, your business can gain access to a wider and global audience; ever expanding the reach and the potential of your business’s success. As a leading SEO company in Utah , we highly encourage the use of effective online marketing tactics to allow your business to thrive. Your business will prosper with online marketing as it’s an easy and efficient method to use to promote your online branding. This increased recognition of your business among the public will promote brand loyalty; thus, producing increased profits and business prospects.

You’ll further your brand loyalty as customers prefer to find their information online due to convenience, causing a crucial need for online marketing and the mobilization of websites to keep up with their busy lifestyles. The benefits of online marketing and the mobilization of your marketing efforts will not only increase your website traffic, but your sales as well as your business and information will always be available to customers. Whether they are sitting at their computer, searching on their phone or on their iPad, you’re business will continually be a push of a button away.

Not only is online marketing convenient for your customers, but for your business as it’s also cost-effective. There are unlimited cost-effective advertising methods for online marketing . As a reputable SEO company in Salt Lake City , we can help you determine which advertising methods will push your business ahead of your competition.

Combining the increased online visibility with the brand loyalty you’ll develop with effective online marketing tactics, you’ll surpass your competitors as more than half of small business owners have yet to take the plunge into this crucial marketing strategy . We can’t emphasize enough the importance of online marketing for your business’s survival. Let our team at Local One aid your business’s success.

02 Mar 2013

Transition to Google+ Local Leaves Google City Pages Redundant

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Google City Pages 404 Error

Recently, many users of the Google City pages received an unpleasant surprise when accessing their page as they found notices that their page had been redirected and even fully removed in some cases with a 404 error. Google’s transition to remove the Google City pages doesn’t come as a shock to many people as changes were bound to happen with the launch of the Google+ Local pages in 2011. However, many are bothered by the transition to Google+ Local as the community pages don’t offer all of the same features as the Google City pages.

What does Google have to say about shutting down the Google City pages? Essentially, Google has categorized these pages as being redundant with the launch of Google+ Local. Google says the new pages are far better for local searches and establishing a local community when compared to the former City pages, stating:

“Earlier this year we announced Google+ Local – a local search experience that makes it easier to discover and share your favorite places – like a great restaurant or museum. With Google+ Local, information for hundreds of cities around the world including Portland, Austin, San Diego and Madison is streamlined in one place.”

Although Google may be raving about their need to shut down the Google City pages to begin benefiting from the Google+ Local pages, not everyone is convinced as features they loved on the City pages aren’t available on the Local pages. Nonetheless, Google says, although these features aren’t available, the other features that are available are better and will drastically improve local searches and your business’s community outreach.

No matter your stand point on which community page you prefer, Google+ Local is trending and producing positive results for local searches. Our SEO company in Salt Lake City , Local One, has seen the benefits first hand. Therefore, we emphasize the need to create a Google+ Local page– whether you’re on board with the changes or not. If you haven’t made the transition to Google+ Local yet, you’re already one step behind your competition.

You need to develop a Google+ Local page as it allows you to optimize local listings , giving you a greater control over your local search results. Not to mention, as it acts as a social network too, you can build your brand and customer loyalty by interacting with your customers. They can easily connect with you via computer and mobile device, providing them with the essential information they need about your business, including directions, reviews, business hours and more.

Local One highly encourages you to advantage from the benefits the new Local pages offer. If you need assistance or have any questions or concerns about the transition to Google+ Local, our company specializing in search engine marketing in Utah will be more than happy to assist you.

28 Feb 2013

Is the Google AdWords Tool Still a Viable Option for Small Business Owners?

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google adwords company

With the rising CPC prices, many small business owners are wondering if the Google AdWords tool is still a viable option for their business. According to a recent article by the New York Times , many small businesses are abandoning the tool due to the AdWords cost. But, is this really the case? The recent article in the New York Times states:

“Concern over the rising cost of keywords has become increasingly common as online advertising has become a standard channel for large companies. Attracting those additional advertisers has been great for Google, which reported a 42 percent increase in paid clicks, year over year, for the second quarter of 2012. But the heightened competition has driven up the prices for keywords and made it harder for small companies.”

This article is actually a little misleading and may be detouring SMBs from what’s really going on with the Google AdWords tool. Yes, the cost of keywords has risen, causing concerns; however, according to Google’s latest earnings reports, CPC prices are down.

Due to the fact that Google paid-search has been complex in previous years for traditional SMBs, they’ve turned to SEO and social media optimization instead of paid-search . Contrary to the New York Times article, SMBs are now reporting favorable results with the use of Google AdWords, even with the current CPC costs.

In fact, Google reports the majority of their one million advertisers are SMBs. So, where is the New York Times finding SMBs are abandoning the Google AdWords tool due to rising CPC prices? It turns out, the cost of CPC isn’t the only factor that needs to be taken into consideration.

Our SEO company in Utah , Local One, understands the diversity of marketing options available to SMBs, which have become simplified over the years. SMBs who have a budget to utilize paid-searches are doing so, while others are advantaging from a wide range of other channels, including organic search rankings, which is often less than the AdWords cost.

As Google continues to improve and enhance AdWords, many SMBs are diversifying their ads to new areas. Yes, in part this is due to cost, but it’s also due to an evolving market and new marketing channels, such as mobile and social media marketing.

The abandonment Google AdWords from SMBs can’t fully be blamed on the CPC prices, as many SMBs are more interested in SEO and social media. As Google continues to adapt and simplify their Google AdWords tool, many SMBs are likely to jump on board, even with the AdWords cost. Although the cost may be rising for some keywords in specific categories, the overall benefits are pretty hard to beat.

26 Feb 2013

Google’s AdWords Generates More Than $100 Million Per Day

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Internet Marketing Company Utah

It’s no understatement that Google brings in a large profit from AdWords. In fact, Google recently announced ad revenue profit for the third quarter in 2012 of $10.86 billion, with $100 million per day through AdWords. Google’s AdWords serves 5.5 billion impressions per day just on Search pages, with 25.6 billion impressions on the Google Display Network per day. However, even with Google’s AdWords profits, investors are a little disappointed in Google’s third quarter numbers for 2012.

WordStream, a search engine marketing developer, analyzed Google’s AdWords profits to determine just how the profits were generated. Upon analyzing a number of statistics and 2,600 AdWords Grader audit tool accounts, WordStream concluded the average click-through-rate (CTR) for Google’s third quarter came to 3.5 percent. What does this mean? According to WordStream’s results, advertisers paid for 192 million clicks per day.

However, on the Display Network, there were only 45.8 million clicks per day, with an 0.18 percent CTR. Although the Search figure was actually 12.4 percent lower than Google’s second quarter, the Display number had increased by 13.8 percent.

WordStream also found that the average cost-per-click (CPC) varied between the Google Searches and Google’s Display Network, with Google Search generating $0.53 and the Display Network generating $0.35. Both of which declined dramatically from the previous quarter. Google’s Search declined by 16.5 percent, while the Display Network dropped 18.2 percent.

The controversy surrounding Google’s AdWords profits is generated from the fact Google reported far different earnings than what WordStream concluded. According to Google, the CPC was only down 15 percent year-over-year and decreased only 3 percent quarter-over-quarter. Google admits the numbers could have been more favorable, but due to foreign exchange rates the company took a hit.

Despite the CPC decreasing, WordStream did find the average conversion rate during the third quarter to be higher, which is attributed to the assumption advertisers are optimizing for conversions. During the third quarter, the Google Search conversion was 5.63 percent, while the Google Display conversion was 4.78 percent.

So, how could the conversions increase if the CPC and CTR declined? It’s believed, the increased in ad impression volume and clicks compensated for Google’s declines. Not to mention, the decreased CPCs may be more attractive to advertisers.

With these findings, how do you know if you’ll benefit from Google AdWords? As one of the top SEO companies in Utah , Local One understands the industry in which AdWords is utilized plays a role for both CPC and CTR. Currently, the top spending industries for AdWords includes Finance, Shopping and Travel, according to WordStream. In fact, WordStream found Finance produced over $3 per click on Google Search and more than $1 per click on Google Display.

Bottom line, more businesses are now turning to Google’s AdWords after the Penguin and Panda updates as there’s more of a focus on PPC. To stay ahead of your competition, Local One recommends looking at all of your options, including Google AdWords . If you need a further understanding of how the Google’s AdWords tool will help your SERP and generate profits, please contact Local One; a search engine marketing company in Salt Lake City .

14 Feb 2013

Local Searches Skyrocket with a Mobile Friendly Website

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Local Searches Skyrocket with a Mobile Friendly Website

local-marketing-utah According to Google, more than 50 percent of Internet searches from mobile devices have a local intent. Not to mention, a new study concluded that more then 90 percent of Smartphone users conduct local searches . What does this mean? As the wave of mobile device use continues to climb, you need to have a mobile friendly website to support and encourage the growth of your site’s local searches.

Everyone is on the go nowadays and turn to their Smartphones to find directions, businesses and just about everything else. Gone are the days of just finding your information on a computer screen, so you need to adapt to the growing trend of mobile device use to stay ahead of your competition. To stay on top, your website needs to be optimized to support mobile devices. Plus, it needs to be optimized for local searches as well. If your website isn’t up to par in one or both of these areas, you’re missing out on valuable marketing and profit opportunities.

Our team at Local One recommends creating a mobile friendly website due to the increasing use of mobile devices. If your website doesn’t support mobile devices, you’re losing a huge chunk of traffic every day as 40 percent of US adults use their Smartphone to search locally. Yes, your website will still appear on the search engine, but it won’t rank well on mobile devices as it hasn’t been indexed for mobile results. Not to mention, when a viewer clicks on your site and finds it difficult to navigate and functioning improperly because it hasn’t been optimized to support their device, they are going to leave your site and head to your competitor’s optimized.

Even if you have a mobile friendly website, your local ranking can still suffer if you haven’t taken the time to encourage local searches. The Local One search engine optimization service in Utah encourages you to optimize your site with local keywords and marketing tools to enhance the number of local searches to your website. With local search engine optimization services in Utah , you’ll not only target a local audience, but you’ll also rank higher among your competitors.

With mobile friendly websites that can be found through local searches, mobile device users will find the business they need, hours of operation, contact information and every other essential piece of information they need in a hurry. With just a push of a button, they are able to contact you or visit your website– all equaling an increase in profit.

As PC’s are now considered to be a faltering trend for local searches, our SEO and web design services in Utah will create a mobile friendly website to support your local searches and help your business succeed.

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