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Share the love with Local One’s social media optimization and marketing services.

Ignoring social media is like deciding that you don’t want to go to the best party in town because it’s too popular.  When even Grandma is tweeting and sharing stories on Facebook, we’ve gone beyond “trends” to a new way of communicating online.

For smart companies, social media integration creates new ways to reach potential customers and expand their business.  But for the unwary, it can be a confusing and intimidating thicket of passwords, jargon and specialized services, where fear of the fallout from one unguarded comment can prevent you from taking full advantage of social media’s potential.

With our social media optimization and marketing services, Local One helps make social sharing simple.  We help create a system that lets your business make the most of the different social media outlets in order to bring more visitors to your site (and more customers to your door).

What’s more, we understand how to effectively use social media and social media promotion to make the most of the different platforms.  While other companies might be content to show you how to buy promotion space, our experts dream in Facebook reach and breathe Twitter algorithms. At Local One, we offer a full spectrum of social media guidance that is tuned to making your company a new media success story.

Deliverables include:

  • How-to Video Tutorials
  • Custom Designs & Implementations
  • Paid ad management
  • Organic reach planning and implementation
  • Social Media Promotion Creation
  • Customized planning and deliverable options
  • Lead generation
  • Email and Phone Support

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