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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want a marketing method that is sure to provide the highest long-term return on investment of all available online marketing methods? If yes, SEO is your key to success. Search engines place sites that contain the most relevant, trustworthy information at the top of the search results page — where you, me and everyone else looks first! Local-One Utah Search Engine Optimization services help major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing understand that your website provides exactly what people want and belongs at the top!

What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO and How Does it Work?

We get this question a lot and like you, having a simple explanation can make a world of difference.Check out this great video done by Search Engine Land and Common Craft.

Your Blueprint for Success:

  • Kick-off Consultation – one of our experienced account managers will meet with you and discuss your business, your products and services and your target market.
  • Website Reporting and Analysis – evaluating your site structure, page meta-data, on-site content, keyword density, as well as a handful of other factors is a critical next step for your SEO success.
  • Keyword Research and Selection – you want to bring business through your front door and so we pour through the research, highlighting proper keywords, assessing the competitive landscape of the selected phrases and then develop a cost-effective strategy to target the best possible phrases related to your business offerings.
  • Action Plan Creation – our SEO team will formulate an easy-to-follow action plan, outlining the individual steps that each of us will complete over the upcoming days, weeks and months.
  • Making it Happen – time to dig in and make it work … we work with you to ensure that the necessary steps are taken and the desired results are delivered.


  • Free Automated Website Analysis
  • Make On-Site Changes that will Improve your Search Engine Rank
  • Advanced Reporting: Keyword Ranking, Competitive Reporting and Inbound Links
  • Increase your Search Engine Visibility
  • Saves you Hours of Research Every Month
  • Build Links Where Competitors Have Links


  • No Long Term Contracts & Full Transparency
  • Low Monthly Fees, High Levels of Success
  • Keeping up with the Algorithms – Turning Lemons into Lemonade
  • Geographical Targeting – from a multi-national campaign to a local area just 10 miles wide.

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